I work predominantly in textiles and fibre, which have always spoken to me.  They have been part of my life for as long as I remember. I make something fibre-related every day, with few exceptions.

However, I am a split person: throughout my working life, I was a computer consultant. Computing is a massive part of me, and is therefore part of my approach to making art.

In 2011, I began to work in 3D.  Earlier work had been mainly 2D, with a bit of textural relief. Certainly nothing had been considered as standing in space.  The move into 3D is on-going, persistent, and is gathering momentum.

 I learned to sculpt and cast true 3D forms during 2013.  This was thrilling -- until I found myself wanting the same piece at a different size. I was frustrated, thinking "virtually" about the real piece in front of me. I wanted to change scale, reproduce and change bits, and so on, without having to create another object. Toward the end of the year, I acquired a 3D printer.  Now I can create moulds to scale up and down, from which I cast the objects I cover and hand-felt.

I make art in fibre because I want to seduce people into touching and playing with what I make.  Experiential response and analogue interactivity (play for adults) are what I aim to achieve - this is the "conversation" I hope my art will have with its viewer/participant.